Giant Shark Bite

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Grab your fishing pole and get ready for BIG fun in this super-sized reimagination of the original Shark Bite! What's the biggest fish you can catch? Is it a 1 or a 2? Maybe a 3 for the catch of the day! But watch out – the bigger the number, the bigger the risk that you might be this shark's next meal! Be careful because this GIANT shark can jump nearly THREE feet into the air! Will you be a first-class fisherman, or will you fall hook, line, and sinker into this shark's BIG mouth? Some assembly required. Includes 1 Giant Shark, 1 Plastic Shark Base (2 Pieces), 1 Fishing Pole, 1 Splash Cover, 1 Orange Plastic Fish, 20 Foam Fish, and Complete Instructions - no batteries required for kid-powered fun! Recommended for 2-4 players, ages 4 and up.