Graduation Groove

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Got the graduation groove in my kindergarten feet. I'm zipping up my gown to a first-grade beat.

Graduate from kindergarten in style, dancing all the way to first grade!

"This book is a great addition on the topic of entering first grade, even more so because it features students and teachers of many races, ethnicities, and abilities, in an engaging and joyous school environment."-School Library Journal

"A bubbly kindergartner crew of varying abilities and skin tones keeps a jaunty beat during preparations for their continuation to first grade...Rivera Sonda's sunny illustrations add to the book's friendly, assuring vibe about moving on from-and into-beloved experiences."-Publishers Weekly

"Myriad books talk about the first day of school; few address the other end of that rite of passage: kindergarten graduation. The kids' exuberance can barely be contained on the pages. A solid pick for the end of a momentous year."-Kirkus Reviews

It's time to graduate from kindergarten!
This book celebrates all of the things that make kindergarten great. From classmates to projects, teachers to pets, kindergarten is full of amazing experiences. Graduating from kindergarten and starting first grade is an important milestone in every kid's life. Whether you're excited or nervous, this book is perfect for your special day and will help you dance to first grade!