Loomi-Pals Mini Combo Set

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Product Details
  • Dive into the world of Loomi-Pals and collect them all. Create fun for all with the new all-in-one Loomi-Pals Mini Combo Kit! Learn to be a pro bracelet maker with the easy-to-follow instruction guides.
  • The Happy Loom gives you the ability to make multiple bracelets on the go.

    Easy step-by-step instructions on how to make a fishtail bracelet with the Happy Loom and how to use the G-Clips.
  • Includes a convenient carrying case that has 10 compartments for maximum organization.
  • Includes 2,100 high quality latex free bands that create up to 84 single chain bracelets.
  • Endless hours of fun with 7 different colors mix and matching them to your Loomi Pal Charms.
  • Ideal craft activity for ages 7+ that promotes fine motor skills and cognitive thinking.