My New Family and Me

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One cold, snowy night, a special baby is born in a hospital. The nurses and doctors dress the baby in green pajamas with a green hood. Then they call a special couple, a man with red hair and his golden-haired wife, to tell them that the baby has been born. They want a baby to love and care for more than anything. Can this darling new baby with curly black hair be the child they long for? My New Family and Me is the heartwarming story of the unconditional love shared between adopted children and their adoptive parents. In this precious children's book, Pamela Davis Litman captures the essence of unconditional love and a powerful bond that exists between an adopted child and the adoptive parents. Written in a sensitive and charming style accompanied by heavenly illustrations, this book will make every adopted child understand how much joy they bring into this world. Elliot L. Fatoullah, Ph.D, Child Psychologist Parents and children of adoption will easily relate to the warmth created in this book. It portrays in beautiful words and pictures the universal love of family and showing adopted children how wanted and loved they truly are. Jim Bloomgarden, Principal of the North Side Elementary School East Williston, New York My New Family and Me is a sweet and loving tale that all children that join their families by adoption will adore and beg to hear again and again. Faith Getz Rousso, Esq., Adoption Attorney