Plus-Plus Tube - Superhero

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Plus-Plus is one shape with endless possibilities!

The 70 pieceĀ SuperheroĀ tube is a great way to get started with Plus-Plus. Kids will learn to create in 2D or 3D, encouraging open-ended, creative play. Itā€™s a perfect STEM toy to develop fine motor skills, focus and patience.

Suggested for ages 5-12.

  • A reusable, travel-friendly tube
  • InstructionsĀ to build aĀ Superhero
  • 70 pieces

About Plus-Plus:
  • Designed and made in Denmark
  • Made with 100% wind energy
  • BPA-free and phthalate-free
  • Each piece measures .75ā€ x .5ā€ (20mm x 12mm)
  • Plus-Plus is made in Denmark in a zero-plastic-waste factory powered by renewable energy.