Sticker Mosaics: Mermaids: Create Mystical Pictures with 1,869 Stickers!

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Sticker an underwater world of magic!

Swim under the sea with mesmerizing mermaids! Sticker Mosaics: Mermaids is an artistic dive into a world of fun and color. In the depths of the ocean or on a distant seashore, you will find 12 mermaid friends to sticker in vibrant color. Match the stickers to their numbered spots on each puzzle page and watch each paper canvas transform into a beautiful mosaic. With perforated pages, it’s easy to remove each work of art for displaying or gift-giving. Make your day a little more magical with mermaid fun and find satisfaction in bringing each puzzle to life. Embark on a colorful voyage of creative expression and geometric puzzles with Sticker Mosaics: Mermaids!